Everyone loves BondiBoost and now I know why!

Over the last year or two my main goal with my hair has been to get it to its most natural, healthy state. I spent most of my teenage years dyeing it with supermarket purchased colour-dye at the dismay of my parents and then the last 5 or so years constantly changing what I want to do with it. One week I want it long, blonde hair the next week I want a short, dark brown “lob”. Moral of the story is – I am pretty indecisive when it comes to my hair, but with the help of my amazing hairdresser we made the decision that the long-term goals for my hair were to get it back to a super healthy state, wear it naturally wavy/curly more often, dye it less often and most importantly – grow it long!

Over the four weeks I’ve had the opportunity to try out BondiBoost’s amazing Hair Growth range. The pack is inclusive of hair growth shampoo, conditioner, a miracle mask, elixir oil and an intensive growth spray. I was lucky enough to receive my delivery just in time for MBFWA so was able to enjoy the products whilst I was in Sydney for the week!

Since then I have been using the range religiously for the last month and I must say, I really do get what all the hype is about. Aside from being 100% Australian-made and cruelty-free, which we love – these products really do work!! So much so that I have quite literally had so many friends ask me what hair products I am currently using and more importantly – why my hair seems to be growing at such a rapid speed recently! The range is a serious game-changer – and for anyone hoping to stimulate hair growth, I really would look no further than BondiBoost to help you do so! I really love all the products but I think my favourite would have to be either the Elixir Oil or the Miracle Mask as when using both these products you get an opportunity to give your head a little massage, which feels amazing.

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Winter Is Here

As always, I am so excited to share with you some of my favourite pieces currently available at UNIQLO. Winter has welllll and truly hit us hard over here in Melbourne and I have never been more thankful for UNIQLO’s crazy good selection of parkas. In the looks below I am wearing the SEAMLESS DOWN PARKA in the short length, but it also available in a long version for extra cosiness!

I opted to get my SEAMLESS DOWN PARKA in black so that it quite literally goes with every single item in my wardrobe, which is totally necessary as I will be wearing it every single day until further notice (…or until Melbourne rids itself of these ridiculous arctic temperatures). The PARKA is water-repellent and windproof, which we love and the material is soft and lightweight!

Below are a couple of ways I have been styling my new PARKA but honestly this necessary winter wardrobe addition literally goes with everything so really, minimal styling is necessary!

Have you bought yourself a UNIQLO PARKA yet this winter?

J x

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Favourite Pieces From Uniqlo

I am so excited to share with you some of my favourite pieces currently available at UNIQLO. With A/W fashion well and truly kicking in over here in Melbourne, it is the perfect opportunity to stock up on cosy knits and also different winter pant options. Recently I have been gravitating towards corduroy in both jackets and trousers, and these perfect navy blue ones available now at UNIQLO are no exception.

Tonal dressing has been everywhere for the past few months and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. Although I usually opt for beige/cream tones when tonal dressing, I decided to mix it up a bit this time and go for a full navy blue look. I opted for black and brown accessories/shoes  – which is perhaps a bit of a controversial choice, depending who you speak to, but for me I just always love to wear what I feel comfortable in and what looks good to me, so this just worked.

I also wanted to highlight this beautiful grey knit currently available at UNIQLO too. I quite literally have this knit in almost every single colour available (beige, cream and now grey), because I love it and if you love something and wear it all the time, why not get it in a few colours? It is super cosy and also a bit thinner than the chunkier knit in my tonal look, so that I can easily put a blazer or jacket over the top when it gets extra chilly!

What are your picks from UNIQLO this season? I would love to know, let me know below!


J x


Sporty but make it fashion

Having been a long time supporter and fan of the brand The Upside, it is with great pleasure that I have not only recently been given the opportunity to partner with them, but more importantly, test drive some of my favourite pieces from their recent collection. The Upside is the kind of sports brand where if you are in the know, you know. The brand creates pieces that are the perfect mix between functionality and fashion.


As my go-to label for fashionable sportswear, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite pieces from their recent collection and also how I am styling them. I love to mix sportswear with casual clothes, particularly when I am running errands or also when I am travelling. Having only recently spent 9 hours on a plane wearing nothing but the Upside’s cream tracksuit jumper & pants , I can say with total certainty that they really have nailed the comfortable but cool thing.

Anyways, here are some of my favourite pieces from their collection.

I hope you love their pieces as much
as I do!


That’s all for now!


J x

Bangkok, Thailand – City Guide

So I’ve been lucky enough to visit Bangkok a couple of times over the last few months – once for work, once for a wedding. Fun fact – my partner, Nick actually grew up here – so not only does he have heaps of friends in bKK aka knows all the best places to chill/eat, he is pretty fluent in Thai too – which definitely helps when getting around this crazy city. This also means he sorted out the best mango sticky rice situation long before I visited Bangkok for the first time, so I didn’t have to waste my time trying every mango sticky rice in town (not that that would necessarily have been a bad thing…) 

ANYWAYS – without further ado – here is my personal hit list/city guide of all the best things to do/eat/see etcetera in BANGKOK, THAILAND (and a bit of HUAHIN too… but mainly BKK) 




The Somchai – by far & away my favourite cafe in BKK – it has everything – interior/food/coffee and a real vibe. A must must visit. I love it so much, I even did a little blog post on it here
Sarnies – Great place to spend the afternoon chilling – I worked from this cafe quite a bit too. Amazing food/coffee and a super popular place amongst westerners 
Sundance lounge, Seenspace Thonglor – Huge cafe with cool little shop attached. I loved this place so much and would definitely recommend trying their caramel macchiato. The pastries/sweets selection looked pretty tempting too.  
Heijii Cafe – Authentic Chinese cafe, this place is so quaint and it took us FOREVER to find but when we did it was totally worth it (and also totally packed!) It is this super cute place that has an amazing selection of sweets and their iced-mocha is a must try!
Sretsis Parlous, Central Embassy – the cutest, pinkest tea house I have literally ever seen. The perfect place to go with your girlfriends/mum/sister etc. – it is so sweet, everything is pink and everything is a vibe 
Eden’s – amazing coffee and sweet selection – reminds me of a Melbourne cafe 
Laff Cafe – This place is really cool – it has amazing green interiors, marble tables and is inspired by ‘Australian-cafes’ aka there are no caramel frappacinos etc. on the menu – only good quality Melbourne-inspired coffee. Do note though, that every single person here is an ‘instagrammer’ so you’ll probably end up in the background of someones insta-pic 


– Makai Acai – Best Acai bowl place in town 
– Sri Trat –
I came here a few times as the food was absolutely amazing. I really cannot recommend this place enough – super authentic Thai food and the decor is super traditional. I’ve tried so many things on the menu and everything is great, so whatever you order you won’t be disappointed 
Supanniga Eating Room – There are a few of these in the city and I’ve been to two of them, both were amazing. I loved the Massaman Curry and Crab Pad Thai 
TAAN – I came here when this restaurant had only just opened for a degustation menu and it was absolutely amazing. I want to go back for their a la carte menu, but didn’t make it this time! 
Fat Boy Sushi – By far and away the best Japanese food I have ever eaten and that is saying a lot as Melbourne has amazing Japanese food and I’ve been to so many Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. This place is super small (so you may want to book ahead) and isn’t fancy or anything but the food is deeeeelicious. Super fresh and they have such interesting sushi combinations and flavours. 
At- Ta- Rote – delicious, authentic Thai food. We pretty much tried one of everything and everything was delicious, but my favourite dish was the red duck curry 
Gaggan – Granted you have money to blow, this is 100% one of the best dining experiences you will ever have in your entire life. It won Asia’s best restaurant and is currently ranked 7th in the world – the food, theatre, service and overall experience definitely lives up to the hype and I couldn’t recommend it more. We were lucky enough to dine at the chefs table because we had a big group, so could watch every single dish being made. This was an amazing experience, but also somewhat took away from the excitement of what is coming next! 
Gaa – Next door to Gaggan and also co-owned by Gaggan. This restaurant has 1 Michelin star and is a 14 course degustation. I actually preferred this experience over Gaggan in that for me personally, it was a more manageable amount of food to consume in one setting… Also, the vibe is a bit more relaxed and chill and less fancy, which I like. But they are two very different experiences, so granted you have the money/love food enough to want to try both – you should!
AFTER YOU Dessert – Last but CERTAINLY not least – the dessert place that everyone in BKK raves about constantly… After You. Really do not have anything like this place in Aust, so you just have to go and experience yourself but it is pretty much a delicious selection of amazing interesting desserts. 


Wallflowers – really, really reaaaaaly cool bar. Spans over multiple levels, feels like you’re in some kind of trippy treehouse and a must visit for anyone visiting BKK
– Vertigo & Moon Bar – located on the 61st floor of Banyan Tree Bangkok, this bar is actually quite likely to give you Vertigo… The first time I went I felt super dizzy and scared of being so high up (you are literally looking over all the high risers in BKK) but the second time I was more prepared for the insane views and really loved it. A must visit. 
– Iron Fairies – really cool bar experience. Again you kind of feel like you’re lost in some magical place/tree-house vibe – sort of hard to explain you kind of just need to go there and experience it for yourself. The drinks are kind of expensive, but super experimental and different, so totally worth it for the experience. 
– Wet – Gaggan is also a part owner of this Bar and it is located in the same area. It is a speakeasy style bar, so you think you are walking into a grungy bathroom but you are actually entering the bar. Super cool concept, I only had wine but the food looked amaze too. 

(because this needs it own category lets be honest…)
Look, it is pretty much amazing everywhere in BKK, and I really don’t discriminate when it comes to MSR (I’ve made an acronym for it, I discuss/eat it so much). But the two absolute best MSR’s in Thailand are 
1. THONGLOR – 1 Soi Sukhumvit 55, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110
2. HUAHIN118/1- 3 Naresdamri Road Tambon Hua Hin, Chang Wat Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110
(I’ve given you the exact address for each as they are small hole-in-the-wall type places that may not be super easy to find without a specific address)


I have only stayed at two hotels in BKK – so can only really recommend these two 

  1. Siam@Siam Design Hotel – for a boutique/hotel type experience – similar to Art Series Hotels in Aus. The location of this hotel is really amazing and perfect for getting around the city super easily. It is next door to National Stadium skytrain too, which is ideal. 
  2. The Peninsula – for a five-star hotel experience. Such a beaaaautiful hotel. I fell deeply in love with the bathrooms due to the luxe wall to ceiling marble and huge bathtub. The hotel has such a late 80s/early 90s romcom vibe about it but in a super clean, still modern way. The location is perhaps a bit less convenient if you are hoping to dart in and out of the city area, but being on the river it is beautiful and has a really quiet, luxurious feel to it.  


I feel like a quick google search could probably provide a better list of things to do in BKK than I can provide, given my fave things to do are mainly eat and shop (haha..) but here is all the things I would really recommend doing anyways… 

– Chatuchak Weekend Market – by far and away one of my favourite experiences in BKK. This market has absolutely everything from souvenirs, to art, to animals (yes animals…) to food, to MSR (hehe), but the best best thing here is the VINTAGE LEVIS selection – there are stalls upon stalls of vintage levis – jeans/shorts/jackets – literally whatever you want, in every size possible and so incredibly cheap. I bought a few pairs of shorts, 2 skirts, a shirt and a pair of jeans for under $50 AUD. This is NOT a drill people. 
– Visit the temples – there are so many and they are all amazing. My favourite temple is Wat Traimit, as it has the Golden Buddha, which is definitely something you have to see IRL. But they really are all amazing in their own right. Probably something you can knock out in a day (which is what we did), given you are seeing them as a tourist, but if you wanted to spend more time at each one – it may take a bit longer. 
– The Commons – really cool place to hang – sort of like a market vibe with heaps of different international restaurants and pop-up style places to try.
– Jim Thompsons House Museum – incredibly scenic, tranquil place to visit. We ate at the restaurant a couple of times too, which was great (just make sure you request a table outside and sitting along the water). The food was good, but nothing special compared to the restaurants I listed above.
– China Town – there is one of these in almost every city but BKK’s China Town is really something to see. You can just walk down the main street and try different things along the way from each restaurant. The street is pretty filthy and it is so hot from all the food and cooking but honestly this just adds to the whole experience. Just wear comfy shoes, shorts & a tee and get trying!
– Get a massage – there are super cheap places to get massages all over town… and by super cheap I mean like upwards of $4 AUD for a foot massage – mad, I know. But if you are wanting a nicer experience, I visited two day spas whilst in Thailand that were both amazing.
1. Destinare Thailand – amazing day spa, surrounded by greenery and in a glasshouse style house. A totally exquisite experience, you really do feel spoilt from start to end. On the pricier side, but definitely worth it if this is what you are after
2. The Barai Spa, Hyatt HuaHin – INSANE day spa experience. I had the ‘blend massage’, which mixed both Western and Thai style massage together to create the most beautiful 2 hour experience. The location is also really amazing, you feel like you’ve been transported into a different world and every detail is perfect and designed to help you embrace your absolute most ZEN self.  

ANYWAYS – that is all for now. I haven’t included photos as there are honestly way too many to include them all, but images of every single one of these things can be found on my INSTAGRAM in BANGKOK (1&1) highlights, and I won’t delete them so you can refer back to them whenever you like! I also added every single dish from Gaggan & Gaa to the highlights too, in case you are considering booking one of those restaurants on your trip! 

I hope this little city guide was helpful! 


J x

Blue Jean Look

A look I recently shot for J Brand Jeans <3 

They make some of my absolute faaaavourite jeans and these new Jules jeans are no exception. I got them in a size 24, even though I typically wear size 23 for J Brand Jeans as the cut is a bit more rigid, so I would suggest sizing up.

Anywaysss here are the links for this look for all those asking on IG 

 J x