How to Travel in Style (on a Budget)

Travelling for High Maintenance, Low Tolerance People

Recently I spent time travelling during the European Winter with one of my girlfriends. Being a self-proclaimed high maintenance, low tolerance, relatively broke individual, it was important that my travel plans adhered to these somewhat limiting implications. If you are the kind of person who can book a one-way ticket to Europe taking with you a 30kilogram rucksack filled with only your essentials, then this post is definitely not for you. In fact it is unlikely that any aspect of my blog is at all for you, because the expression ‘back-packing through (*insert any European and/or exotic country here)’ and the word traveling should never ever be used in the same sentence. Unless that is you are referring to Julia Roberts’ role in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in which case, I really am glad all that getting in touch with nature and finding herself situation worked out for her… but it is simply not for me. Moving forward, even though I cannot stand this new craze which has recently hit the internet… where every second person feels as though their opinion will only be recognised or heard if they put their numerous opinions in number form and title their opinions ’12 Ways to Wear your Little Black Dress’ or ’15 Signs he is not the one’, I feel as though it is impossible for me to move forward without some chronological pattern to my rant. In which case…

(a)    You are going to have a terribly overwhelming, exhausting and expensive holiday if you have not planned and organised the life out of your holiday before take off. Of course it is important to leave room for spontaneity and adventure time, but things such as how you will get from Heathrow Airport to your hotel room in Piccadilly Circus really do need to be thought out before arrival. If you do not do this it will end in you tumbling off the plane in a state of utter exhaustion, hunger and fatigue only to hail down the nearest taxi. Because at this point not only will you be looking like a total utter mess but every single person who passes you will take one look at your Havana-shortshorts gettup and simply assume you are of Australian decent. In which case, it is unlikely the cabby is going to take you to your location in the fastest route possible. In fact it is much more likely that you will receive your first non-vocal tour of London. You will eventually arrive at your destination in which you will be expected to give him 50 pounds, your university tuition fee and a small child as payment for your unrequested excursion. Take my word for it, work out the fastest, cheapest most conventional way to arriving at your hotel room safely because leaving your home… in fact even before booking your holiday. It is simply not a good look to feel stranded in a foreign city, wearing the complete wrong attire, hoping a local will give you a hand, chances are, they really won’t.

(b)   DO NOT just travel with any old person because you have a desire to travel. Particularly if you are a low tolerance person. People constantly test my sanity, whether this be at work, university or in my own home. The exhaustion and delirium that already comes with travelling is enough to test your sanity… make sure your travelling buddy/ buddies knows and respects you, your habits and your overall being incredibly well. Otherwise it is likely to end with ‘two girls go to Europe, one girl returns from Europe’ (the other got eaten by the overly dramatic, high maintenance, diva of a best friend).

(c)    I think something that most girls, do not realise about travel is that you are not going to look as glamorous and beautiful as you do when you leave the comfort of your own home. Do not go bringing your most precious Tiffany and Co earrings or your newest Chanel bag that your boyfriend of 2 months and 5 days just bought you. That is only going to end in one way. That way being… your possession will not come back in the condition you arrived with it in, in fact in some cases your possession will not come back at all. Bring clothes that are versatile. Don’t bring set outfits that only work with one pair of heels and a specific necklace because chances are you are not bringing these items with you. Bring good solid pieces. Pieces which you have owned for years and you know will be sturdy enough to sustain whatever element you are entering into. Not to mention it is very likely you will do a lot of shopping on your trip so I recommend always leaving space in your suitcase for this. Having to buy a new suitcase to fill it with all your new pieces is going to be very costly and airport security people are totally not forgiving… especially when you do not speak their language.

To conclude, travelling is supposed to be enjoyable, it is supposed to be fun and spontaneous… You will not be able to include these elements into your trip if you are too busy fussing over the little things. I love make up, beauty and fashion just as much (if not more) than the next girl, but take it from an experienced traveller… you don’t need that third Nars Bronzer, or your Valentino heels… and you definitely do not need your latest Fedora. You will be having so much fun, you won’t even realise they are not there.

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  1. I totally agree with you that bringing essentials is the best way to go. I would even suggest to only bring necessities, since you most certainly will bring back lots of new clothes from your trip.

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