Women and their Handbags

Why I Need so Many Handbags

In my closet currently live approximately 75 different handbags that I have collected during my time on this earth. Over time I have been able to accumulate a wide variety of handbags all with equal importance and necessity in my wardrobe. Some I may have picked up on sale at shops like Sportsgirl for $10 whilst others caused me to get into debt… well with myself anyway… but that’s a whole different story…

Recently, I was performing my typical shopping routine in Mimco, where I fall in love with every bag I come into contact with, my brother had retreated to his usual ‘man-chair’ in the corner and it felt like any old day. I look over at him and exclaim ‘what do you think about this one?’ expecting his response to be his standard shrug and murmur. This time however he had a different answer… confidently as if he had discovered the most fascinating revelation in the world he responded… ‘Why do women need so many bags? In fact… Why do they need bags at all? Couldn’t they just go to the Supermarket… grab one of those plastic bags for 20cents and use them? Every time it broke you could just go buy another one!!’ I stared back at my brother with absolute disbelief. What was he trying to say? Women cannot merely use any old plastic bag to carry the random assortment of things they so fondly like to collect. What a ridiculous revelation.

I did however feel the need to defend my handbag obsession. I snapped back at him with ‘WHAT?? PLASTIC SUPERMARKET BAGS? ARE YOU INSANE? Without handbags what would I do with my left hand? How would I rest my arm whilst walking? Where would I put my phone, wallet, 25 half used lipsticks, 7 Band-Aids, 2 pieces of gum, 86 loyalty cards, 3 sets of house keys and my favourite Marc Jacobs perfume? Do you realise how insane you sound?’ My brother looked back at me with utter confusion to which he responded… ‘Well do you really need all those things?’ and it was then where I realised he just did not understand me at all.

Although I could go through all the different reasons why each and every handbag in my cupboard is more valuable and important then the next one, it is likely that in that time Kim Kardashian would have born two more children, perhaps named South and East West to coincide with her one-year-old named North West and no one has that much available time on their hands. Therefore the short answer to the question of why I need so many handbags is simple… to go with all my outfits, moods, hairstyles, seasons, events, and lifestyle choices of course!


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