Bad Hair Day

Don’t mind my hair, I just had a fight with my straightener…

My hair and me do not get along; in fact we haven’t gotten along for years. Unfortunately I was born with the condition known as naturally curly/frizzy hair. I wake up every morning with the hope that maybe today is the day… maybe today the universe has finally realised that it made a mistake all those years ago and finally it has blessed me with the hair I so desperately deserve… I am still (ever-so-patiently) waiting for that day. I am literally one bad hair moment off investing in a wig and calling it a day.

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 10.29.35 pm

Anyways if you can believe it there is a light at the end of this ‘hair-debacle’ tunnel. The light is called my GHD straightener. This straightener is my life. It is my baby. Occasionally we fight, and we do have our off days but for the better part of my existence, my straightener makes me who I am today. We have been together for 8 years now, and my straightener is my better half.

If you have perfectly beautiful wavy/straight naturally flawless fair, I would conclude your reading now… But if, like myself, the hair gods did not bless you… fear not because I have compiled a list of the products and tips which I use to make my hair what it is today.


  1. If you are keen to embrace your curly locks in all their glory and ridiculousness – use: Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion  & Herbal Essences ‘Spray Gel’ Both work at enhancing and softening the natural mess that is your hair.


    1. Buy a GHD Straightener – obviously
    2. Curly/frizzy hair is known for being dry, which is evidentially why it goes frizzy… so I recommend adding moisture back into it, especially when you are straightening it often – use: Bed Head ‘Headrush’ before you straighten your hair & Loreal smooth essence after you straightening your hair
    3. Continuously straightening your hair will cause damage and breakage so I recommend leaving it straight for at least 3-5 days. If you have particularly oily hair you can spray dry-shampoo into it to keep it looking fresh – use:  Cedel Dry Shampoo 
    4. Use hairspray to reduce the static and the layer of frizz which may display itself a couple of days post straightening – use: Schwarzkopf Super Styling Lacquer extreme hold is the most effective for 24 hour use.
    5. Dye your hair a wacky colour to distract from the frizz… pastel purple is currently really working for Nicole Richie… perhaps give that a go

Hope this helps… x


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