When I was a kid I used to get so excited for my birthday, I would start the count down around 68 days prior to the event. Every day I would remind my parents that my birthday was coming up soon, so they better start preparing for it… As if there was a chance they would actually forget my birthday… and everyday they would respond saying ‘Yes, Jessica Darling, we know, we won’t forget’. Each year my birthday would be more glorious and exciting than the last, but the minute it was over I was always so sad. Is that it? I used to think. One measly day is all I get? So one cold-winters evening, as the event was fast approaching, young innocent me formulated the perfect birthday plan. I would make my special day last a whole week (Note: the week was called Jessmikkah named after the Jewish Holiday Hanukkah) and each day would have a name making it equally as important as the last (think, Jessica Eve, Boxing Jessica Day… etcetera).

Unfortunately due to a string of relatively mundane birthdays (there was 19, 20, even 18 wasn’t that exciting) Jessmikkah disappeared for a few years. But this year it was making a return; it was back in all its beauty and glory, because my dear friends I was reaching my first life-birthday-milestone… I was turning twenty-one. This year there has been over 8 celebrations for my birthday. I have literally been able to stretch my birthday celebration into the next month (being July… and late July I’ll have you know!). It was the most successful Jessmikkah yet!

Regrettably today, (28 days after my actual birthday) was my last birthday celebration for the year, but boy was it a good one. I would just like to thank all my family and friends, without you this holiday would have no life. Here are a few photos I took from today… the beautiful Melba Restaurant @ the Langham Hotel definitely did not disappoint…. Enjoy…x*xx


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bandw outfit





  1. What a lovely idea! I’m thirty now and still feel very excited about my birthday..wishing you many many more..the pics were fabulous Jessica..the dessert plate yummy…

  2. What zest you have! Are you Jewish? I wish I knew if I had any Jewish blood. My mom said she thought my dad had some, but she wasn’t sure. I can only hope. Beautiful Blog and that’s a beautiful you there, too! Such joy radiates from this place! Thank you for that.

    • Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate your lovely words. I look forward to reading posts from you in the future…. PS. No i am not jewish haha, but I can definitely relate to Hanukkah 😉

  3. Happy belated bday, Jessica. You really have a lovely blog – I wish I had your magic eye. Thx for the follow. Hope to hear you pipe in sometime midst the amazing community of thinkers on A Holistic Journey.


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