Spontaneous Mid-week Road Trip

What uni? What job? A spontaneous mid-week road trip to Healesville seems like a far more logical way to spend our hump day. What else were four 20-something girls meant to do with this mid-winter-sunshine, an available car and a CD filled with 90’s hits? We simply did not have any other choice but to get in that car, sing-along to that music, drink that coffee and go on an adventure.

While in Healesville, we visited the beautiful Innocent Bystander Winery; TarraWarra Estate Winery and yes we may or may not have taken every single opportunity possible to embark on an impromptu photo-shoot but, well, you can decide for yourself whether or not that was the case…

ENJOY x x x

IB barrels

pastry 2

coffe sani and bindy

kat and jes

innocent bystander

me walk

sani coffee 2



view tarra




  1. Excellent photos and I love the Mocha colour tones, just perfect.
    I’ll have to explore some more of your blog (being another Melburnian).

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I love your photos here, especially the one where you catch the green field and mountains between the building the structures. It is a nice contrast. G’Day mate, BTG

  3. Thank you for visiting my online writing website, and for opting to follow my work. Have never been to Australia. Must put it on my overflowing bucket list. We do get imported wines from Australia here — of course, I thought the Aussies were more beer drinkers than not. Can’t say as there are many beers imported in.

  4. I really like the look of your blog. Large pictures, and whimsical writing. I like the various categories also. A very nice blog. How about another category, things that made you chuckle?

  5. Wow. I love the story about your little excursion to Healesville. I just took a vacation to the wine country in California and relate to that world of beauty all around.
    Thanks for following my blog! Finding out who you are from your website, I SO relate to your ‘About’ page message. We are kindred spirits. It wasn’t until I read the post about Healesville that I realized we are a world apart and assume you are from Australia. If true, it never ceases to amaze me how exciting it is to write a blog on a website and receive notes and goodies from people across the planet! I’d like to meet you some day yet realize we’re so very far from each other, but not in spirit. I’m glad you liked my website and wonder what it is in mine that attracted you to it!
    I look forward to reading more about you and your life ahead. My best, Mike Andberg in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

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