Macaroons, Tea & Multitasking

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This morning’s multitasking included watching re-runs of the ever inspiring and always-fashionable Carrie Bradshaw, whilst endeavouring to organise my life/ bedroom/ calendar/ diary/ existence and attempting to slowly but surely prepare myself mentally (but more importantly, physically) for a big day of learning (not really) at uni. Whilst in this ridiculous state of mind I found myself falling into a world of inspiration where it was obvious that there was no chance any of the above activities would be completed and instead it was far more logical to conduct an impromptu photo-shoot of some of the beautiful pieces and things I had received over recent months (**Details below photos).

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**From left to right:
1. T2 ginormous tea-cup and ‘Strawberries & Cream’ tea
2. Tea-cup featuring my favourite new ‘macaroon-shaped-soap’ courtesy of ‘Atelier Catherine Masson’ from Coconutandlime
3. Beautiful Voluspa candle given to me by my darling friend Olivia post-moving house
4. Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert tea-bag holder – minus the tea-bag add gold Marc Jacobs necklace given to me by my not-so-nearest, but definitely dearest best friend Tessa (she unfortunately does not live in Australia) from SHOPBOP
5. In the back is probably the most amazing self-made scrap book to ever find it’s way into my life featuring (and created by) the beautiful Katarina
6. And the rest is an assortment of other-European inspired gifts and a pretty IKEA fake flower purchase I made a few weeks ago

Ciao x


  1. Love the teabag holder. (All the other things are very nice, too, of course). Oh, and it seems we don’t only share our love of coffee — when I should do some work, I have the bets inspirations to do lots of *really* nice things, too — or I just sit down with a coffee and a book. 😀

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