When in doubt, Tea it out

Anyone who has been following my blog for more than 5 seconds would know by now I have a slightly uncomfortable (perhaps even verging on unhealthy) obsession with tea (just to be clear majority of my friendship group equally shares this obsession so I have come to believe this tea-infatuation is entirely reasonable and necessary).

Sentences such as the following are commonly overheard in my daily life: ‘Lets buy Jess some Tea for her Birthday/Christmas/Graduation/just-because… she’d love that!’ and more frequently (usually by people who are ‘concerned’ about my wellbeing) ‘Jessica darling, do you think you may be drinking a bit too much tea? How about some non-diluted cold water for a change?’ There is also the embarrassingly common phrase used between my friend Olivia and I where we make plans to get ‘trunk’ over the weekend… (In case not obvious the word ‘trunk’ may or may not be a portmanteau for tea and drunk)… and although usually held at my house, BYOT* is always optional and even encouraged amongst fellow tea-enthusiasts.

I think the reason I have become so attached to these bizarre tea-drinking habits is because I am under the genuine belief that tea is the cure to everything… (‘When in doubt, Tea it out’)** Got a headache? Oh nothing a little peppermint-tea won’t fix! Tickle in your throat? No problems! Chamomile and honey will sort you right out! Stressed? Tired? Hating on your job/relationship/existence? Sounds like you need a big pot of chai tea and cinnamon! … You get my point.

Although it is probably safe to say I currently have more tea than sense, I sincerely believe life is far better that way! …Plus who needs sense anyway! Here are some photos of me doing tea-related activities…

Enjoy x


*BYOT – Bring Your Own Tea

**It is sort of like ‘cry it out’ but with tea… I am trying to make it a ‘thing’…thoughts?

look away and tea

tea in room

post eyes tea

17 thoughts on “When in doubt, Tea it out

  1. Finally we found someone loves tea! You know I am fan of Tea& milk in the morning! seems my life never be separated from drinking tea! the best medicine for every pain! enjoy drinking tea like me everyday instead drinking coffee (don’t think I don’t love coffee but enough drinking) . nice post , cute photos.
    Hi Jess ! and everyone , I invite you to be part of my family ( just follow if you like my blog) together we are going to have a wonderful journey.
    I love to be .. a butterfly , is my recent post …

    Dariush Youkhaneh
    Writer & Blogger

  2. I can almost feel your obsession for tea, because I’ve an addiction that I can’t overcome too. But it’s the insatiable desire for the coffee’s aroma sneaking into my nose for me. 😀

  3. We have so many teas they are hard to keep harnessed in our cabinet. My youngest son is the more experimental tea drinker and frequents a favorite tea room daily when away at college.

  4. I too drink waaaaay too much tea. But I can’t bring myself to feel guilty about it; and knowing there are others out there who share my obsession makes me feel so much better 🙂 x

  5. To Tea or Not to Tea! That is my Question too! [Though in India we Stick to just one, single brand]. But, don’t You have problems with that? I feel too tired, I go for a Cup, then I find I can’t Rest! Vicious, Cycle, I mean! Love and Regards.

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