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Yesterday as I was gallivanting around Melbourne’s CBD attempting to find solace in my morning coffee (at Manchester Press* in Rankins Lane) and trying to make-up fake ‘errands to run’ so I didn’t have to return home prematurely and learn about ‘how to be an ethical lawyer’ (I am taking a legal practice and ethics** unit this semester at Uni) I found myself stumbling upon what has got to be the most amazing boutique in the CBD.

Ladies and Gentlemen (not actually Gentlemen, just ladies)… Look no further for I have found the PERFECT fashion boutique to cure all your winter woes and ‘I-have-nothing-to-wear’ daily dilemmas… The answer my dear friends is… Robb & Lulu. Tucked slightly away from the hustle and bustle of Collins Street, Robb & Lulu is located at 95 Flinders Lane Melbourne. With the perfect combination of hand-crafted silk resort wear, maxi skirts, silk floor length dresses, probably the most outrageously flawless bikini collection in the entire universe and a few other girly necessities, it is safe to say the Fashion God’s heard my prayers, and boy did they deliver! As if it couldn’t get better, they also have a beautiful collection of hand-made jewellery, the cutest lingerie, and the prettiest huge pink mirrors made for admiring … It was safe to say I had ‘died and gone to fashion heaven’.

It was sheer serendipity that I found myself in such a beautiful store, and in a state of utter fixation/excitement/even panic (?) I simply had no other choice (it was obviously pre-written in my stars…) but to say good-bye to my holiday savings and hello to my beautiful new silky colourful wardrobe of luxury goodness! Anyways as per usual I have taken the liberty to snap a few photos of SOME of my latest pieces (more to come) featuring one of my favourite outfits, probably one too many flat-lays and also my mate Sebastian (ps he is a really good singer go look:

Enjoy! x

* I also recommend you get a bagel with that latte to go!

** Awfully ironic subject if you ask me…

*** If you are ever unsure where my ridiculous expressions come from – please refer to seasons 1-6 of Sex and the City and sometimes (like in this case), SATC movie (1 and 2) is also a good reference point

Robb&Lulu Website:
Robb& Lulu Instagram:
@robblulu or

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  1. Thanks for the warning: ‘Not actually gentlemen!’ Jessi! Haha. Went through Your post anyway, and found it colourful to say the least, and as Colours and Designs make for beauty, found it all Beautiful too! Also, informative 🙂 as to What All You Gals are wearing nowadays.

  2. My Dear Jessi, You call Your ‘way of writing and talking about life’ as ridiculous. As You would understand, am not much 🙂 interested in Fashions, etc. But I DO like Your Style of Writing. Keep at it. Love and Regards.

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