Monochrome Me Pretty

After a ridiculously exhausting week of running all over the place from attending classes, to coffee dates to office life to endeavouring ‘not to use my home like a hotel’ [quote father] it was safe to say I needed a few effortless fashion basics to get me through all this craziness… (please note: there was no actual running involved in this week, and any reference to running is purely metaphorical and should not be taken literally).

I have included a photo of a few of my monochrome favourites; sometimes the simplest things like a vintage black and white beaded-twist necklace or a little bit of nail-sparkle really do make all the difference (anyone who tells you otherwise, clearly does not own B&W sparkle nail polish, or perhaps any nail polish for that matter and is yet to see the effects of a monochrome-nail-do).

Ciao! x

PS I felt as though it was unfair to mention all these coffee dates without sharing at least one successful birds-eye-view photo of my coffee-danish-tea-flower situation… The photo was taken at a new café that just opened up called ‘Our Little Secret’ on Riversdale Road (yes the café is in running distance to my University).

blackScreen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10_Fotor


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