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While endeavouring to complete my assignment due in a couple of days, I couldn’t help but fall into a world of inspiration from my recent Brunswick Street escapades (it is almost like the universe does not want me to complete my assignment (?) and we all know the universe is always right, right? …In which case, it is probably best I don’t bother completing my assignment, or any other assignment due this semester for that matter…). For anyone who has read this, it is quite obvious that I may or may not have spent the weekend taking artsy-insta-worthy* photos in front of cultural-street-art but well who’s judging?

If you happen to find yourself amid the kangaroos, nature and wildlife** down under or perhaps you live here already but you are an ‘immersing-yourself-in-all-the-cultures’ type of person – it is paramount that you visit Rose Street Market/Brunswick Street/really anywhere in Fitzroy as soon as practicably possible! ANYWAYS… Here is some cool street art and Rose Street Market Inspo to make your Tuesday all the more fabulous (Recommend: ‘Grace Cafe’ for coffee & brunch).

Ciao x

* Photos posted on instagram that are artistic/creative in nature (for anyone who is yet to familiarize themselves with the ridiculous lingo that is my generation)

** Just for the record I have never actually seen a kangaroo nor have I made any conscious effort to get amongst any form of ‘wildlife’ or ‘nature’…

PS: Is Throw-Back-Tuesday a thing? Likely these photos are too recent to constitute a ‘throw-back’ but #YOLO

PPS: Not sure if this post was about inspiring Brunswick street art OR familiarizing ones self with nonsense generation-Y-jargon

candlescarparkcactusDSC_0150_Fotorjewlryst art



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