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For any normal person ‘The Weekend(!!!)’ entails long sleep ins, afternoon walks with the family dog, reading rubbish magazines and re-watching old family favourites, however as a third year law student with zero mid-week motivation, one too many part-time jobs and far more coffee-date plans than sense, it is unlikely that I will be spending any down time with the family pet* this weekend.

Between the lectures, tutorials, readings, workshops, recommended readings, 85-page-statutes, 45 recommended case studies, and all the other ridiculous expectations set by the Uni, it is safe to say that sometimes we law students, struggle to find the light at the end of this very long (5 years to be exact), very dark, soul-crushing tunnel we call, law school… Our only hope of any kind of happiness or sanity is to make the absolute most out of every single social event possible; I am talking birthdays, dinners, parties, gatherings…really any kind of social event where the red wine is flowing and the canapés are yummy. So you can imagine what happens each year when August rolls around and it is ‘Law Ball’ season… lets just say, all self-dignity gets left at the lectures.

With an abundance of options, I narrowed it down to Robb&Lulu’s St Tropez- Deepsea & Fire Dress. The light weight silk, bright colours and surprisingly handy pockets (I know, they really do think of everything) made it absolutely perfect for the occasion, or any occasion really (I plan to wear it again next weekend to a 21st)

Hope everyone has a much more exciting weekend planned than I do,

Much love… Ciao x

* We don’t actually have a family pet; animals hate me…

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  1. Lovely dress and it looks very wearable for multiple occasions too. Looks like something that you could ‘dress up’ with high heels and nice earrings or ‘tone down’ with casual sandals etc. What is the fabric made of? Hope it is washable and doesn’t require expensive dry cleaning.

    • Yes you are so right! It literally goes with everything! So versatile! The fabric is silk and so soft and comfortable, not sure about washability so I have just been really careful with it in hope I won’t need to wash it for a while 🙂
      Thanks for your comment – Jessica 🙂

  2. First of all I just want to say how much I adore your hair. Badass. Second, my best friend is in law school and this post had me cracking up – I totally am picking up what you’re putting down. As a student myself I always overbook myself so it’s awesome to read this and see someone who gets it and really takes advantage of social events. Thanks for sharing and good luck in your future endeavors!

  3. I´m not an expert on fashion as the other commentators but you look very nice. Now, law school….thank God you´re going to be a lawyer, study hard more coffee although don´t overdose on it because I will need a very good lawyer in a near future. You could do pro bono work with me though, it would make you feel better, sort off as if you where saving humanity or part of it.

  4. Best wishes on finding your needed moments of fun. I studied for a series of professional exams that took about seven years. I can assure you my apartment was very clean around exam time plus I ran more, as both provided a needed a distraction from monotonous studying. The best times were the beer, burgers and fellowship after the exam was over at a local pub. BTG

  5. This is a lovely dress. I also love your hair color. It looks beautiful on you. What shade of red is it? I’m asking because this is exactly the color of hair I want the protagonists in one of my novels to have. 🙂 Writers never stop working! Enjoy your parties. 🙂

  6. Hey lovely,
    I have nominated your blog for the ‘liebster awards’ ,
    check out my latest post for my entry and for details 🙂

    instagram @thatstylefox

  7. Hello Jessica! Lovely dress! It complements your hair, and you look very nice. I know you have a lot on your plate, but once in a while you need to take a breakation 😉 If you know what I mean. Take a small break and do something enjoyable for yourself. Otherwise you will burn-out. Trust me, I know. Thanks for the follow and take care! 😀

    • Thank you very much. And thank you for your kind words, relaxation is such an important process of our learning and in order to always be busy we must make sure we take time for ourselves and rejuvenate in order to keep going. I am definitely guilty of not always doing this… So I appreciate your reminder. Thanks again! x x 🙂

  8. […] The only issue left to worry about last Thursday night was my floor-length dress situation, and lucky for me – the banging-babes at Pilgrim totally helped me out. Sprinkle a bit of Rue Gembon Jewellery goodness, a dash of Chanel lippy and a quick espresso to go and you’ve got yourself an outfit totally worthy of all the bathroom selfies you are about to take. Anyways, on a far more endearing note; I also did a law ball post THIS TIME LAST YEAR! My hair colour was an interesting mix between violet/purple/red, but my ability to take absolutely nothing in life too seriously was still very much the same – check it out HERE!!! […]

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