In Case of Fashion Emergency

When life gives you lemons, sell them & go buy pretty things*…

This morning as I was half cleaning out/half throwing more into my favourite on-the-go, monochrome-perfection clutch handbag, I decided that all my life necessities (yes, they are ALL necessities) looked so pretty lying all over my desk all clueless at how much I need them and that they really did deserve some blogger-recognition, because without these necessities… well I would be nothing…

Anyways the following is a list from left to right of everything inside my bag…

  1. The Mimco Pouch” – pure pouch perfection.
  2. An assortment of baby pink and nude tone nail polish necessities – I usually rotate between these two tones and chuck in a red when I am feeling rebellious.
  3. Nars peachy-red matte lip pencil
  4. Favourite (and only) bronzer brush from Ecotools
  5. What use is a fabulous brush without a fabulous Nars bronzer?
  6. Couple of funky straws I stole (not really… well sort of) from Little Big Sugar Salt café in Richmond
  7. pretty vintage rose-gold twist necklace that looks (and feels!) like it is worth far more than $10
  8. A wide variety of business cards that I like to collect (and usually lose 5 seconds later) from my favourite cafes and restaurants around Melbourne
  9. Hourglass’ face primer – yet another life necessitiy
  10. Couple of cute bracelets I had in my bag ‘I.C.F.E’**

Much love, Ciao x 

* Entrepreneur in the making

** I.C.F.E > In Case of Fashion Emergency … obviously

nars closeDSC_0047_Fotor


  1. Your bag looks so much more organized than mine! Cute products as well. I’ve never tried NARS, but I think I’ll look into it. Never worn bronzer, but I’ve been told it’s a must have 😉 Looking forward to more of your posts!

  2. Hi Jessica! I love how you put the “lemon”-quote! You really seem to love life and enjoy “decorating”. You got me as a follower from the first moment on. I love people with an open smile, that have fun being themselves and surrounding them with things that make them feel good and express their personality and zest for life. I think you are one of those! I am looking forward to reading your posts!

    • Thank you so much Erika. What incredibly kind words and such a thoughtful comment! Hearing that my blog is creating even the slightest amount of joy just inspires me to go write and run around with my camera 100 times more than I am already doing! … So you have no idea how much your words mean to me and evidentially influence me to keep posting! Thank you again, Jessica ! 🙂 x x

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