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Over the weekend I attended a furniture and interior design expo at ‘The Kitchen’ in Richmond, Melbourne. Being a passionate pillow purchaser (yes that is a thing) I have always had a rather bizarre infatuation with all things home/décor/interior-inspired.

Unfortunately I do not know how to keep this ridiculous obsession to myself, so I am forever trying to convince people around me that their formal-dining set is totally wrong for the mood of the room (sorry Mum) or that a $300 canvas oil painting is exactly what their bedroom needs and without it they may as well just not bother having a bedroom at all (sorry bro… it was for your own good I swear). Anyways… as someone who genuinely believes investing in pillows is not only practical but also one of life’s necessities – just like food and coffee (!!) – You can only imagine how much fun I had at The Kitchen … canapés, drinks, desserts, and all things interior – If it wasn’t for my brother dragging me out of there, I would have already set up camp in one of the rustic-minimalist show-room bedrooms* and picked out the perfect beige pillow & knitted-wool throw combo**.

Here are some photos from the event…Apologies there are so many –  I have attachment issues

* Kind of like IKEA, but so much better

** Throws make me a nicer person…

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  1. Gosh, you’re a good photographer. You have a great photographer’s eye and excellent use of DOF. If the Law degree goes astray, you should consider your creative talents as a new career. Perhaps not as financially successful, but you certainly have the building blocks for artistic endeavours.

    I wish you hadn’t written or photographed this place as I am a ‘reformed pillow purchaser’. I have also made cushion covers as my taste changes. Living on a very frugal income has now sent me into ‘decorating decor remission’ though. It’s amazing how addictive behaviours finally resolve, when you have a limited income.

    • hahaha! Oh I loved your comment so much – ‘decorating decor remission’ was probably my favourite line! Very very funny. I understand completely, I should probably start curbing my habits before I get to that stage… but they are so just addictive!! Thanks for the message! x x

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