Colour and the City

Today I spent the entire day (I am talking 9-5 people) working on my ridiculous amount of assessment tasks all due within the next 3-5 days. (…Every semester I become increasingly suspicious –does my University purposely plan to make all my assignments due on the exact same weekend? Do they think this is some kind of joke? Because I assure you, I, and all the other students who haven’t slept since last week, are not laughing…) Anyways after writing, re-writing, re-wording, deleting, starting again, stopping, drinking too much coffee, and eventually just giving up and watching the Bachelor* instead… I finally completed 1 of my 1 million assessment tasks today…

Due to today’s very minimal excitement and/or inspiration, I thought I would share some of yesterday’s city-living inspiration with you instead. Think Chin Chin (yes – I do mean, Melbourne’s most talked about/most delicious Asian restaurant), pretty sidewalk flowers and a bit of Robb&Lulu.

Enjoy… Much Love. Ciao..x 

* To anyone in Australia – how amazing is this season? #TeamLaurina

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  1. It is a privilege to have you reading my blog. Welcome! (Oh, and your glorious spring marks my glorious autumn followed by cold, harsh gales. Look for despair from my writing in the coming months!)

  2. Wow … you are one busy gal! I hope you got them all done! The Bachelor Australia is a brilliant and amusing little distraction you simply must allow yourself to have. Laurina makes for fabulous television … I also like how Sam’s more casual, laidback style always comes out, no matter how prim and proper she may be trying to be. I’m not a big fan of Blake though … but I’m hooked on the outcome now 🙂

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