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First things first, * apologies for my lack of posts, I have been awfully busy preparing myself physically, emotionally and (primarily) spiritually for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) this week – (that is a lie, truth is – unfortunately my assignments do not write themselves…). 

Amid the pending due dates and sleepless nights, I will thankfully (this is for my sanity, I swear) be taking time off to attend a few fashion shows this week, so to anyone not attending – fear not – this platform can act as your own personal photo diary & recap of all things MSFW! On Friday night my friend Tatiana (also known as friend who shares common interests and/or just really, really loves me… from here!) and I went to the Emporium in Melbourne’s CBD in preparation for MSFW; where we watched a fashion show on Lt Burke, ate pink (salt-less mind you!) popcorn, drank sparking water out of pretty paper straws** and got drunk off one glass of Moët (her not me…). We also got the opportunity to mingle with blogger beauty Cindy Chen from @mrpaddingtonbear and play around with Florsheim flat-lays (if you want to see the ones we made up on the night – check it out on my Instagram here).

Anyways – HAPPY SUNDAY lovely people… May your Monday be short, your coffee be hot and your MSFW be fancy. That is all.

Much Love … x x x 

PS. don’t mind my not-so-subtle reference to Iggy’s ‘fancy’ – I can’t get the song out of my head after watching this. (i know… best thing you have seen ALL day!)

* … I’m the realist… 

** ‘I’m so fancy… You already know’

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