Inspired & Tailored-To-Perfection

‘I’m all about that BASS FASHION’*

Last night I attended MSFW @ Melbourne Town HallDesigner Show Runway One with my best friend Katarina (also known as pretty friend who enjoys brunch and travelling to Japan…here). The show was amazing to say the least – think monochrome Carla Zampatti gowns, Anaessia ballerina-style-wedding-gown luxury and Chuck Bass inspired-tailored-to-perfection suits by Dom Bagnato… Yep. Absolutely Flawless. Throw in a few Mecca Cosmetica goodies from the MSFW Hub and a couple of free pizzas from Bimbos on Brunswick Street and you’ve got yourself a pretty good Tuesday night.

Here are a couple of photos I took pre-show of the balcony view and a few goodies – I attempted to whip out my DSLR mid-show but got told off as apparently I was not part of the ‘media’ (whatever that means…)… So I worked with what I got – But for everything MSFW related look here @_MSFW_ or my Instagram here for regular updates.

Happy Hump Day! … Much LOVE … x

* I really do spend far too much time listening to the radio…Just remember – ‘every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top’…

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