Pretty in Pink

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After a very long day in the office spent business planning, tarot-card reading, Wagamama dining and website developing (awfully conventional office team we are…), this evenings wind-down called for a pretty pink party featuring lolly-bag treats from Saturday night adventures (thanks Penelope, you’re a doll) and a sugar-induced headache like no other. But there is nothing women regret more than the shoes they didn’t buy or the pretty pink sweets they didn’t eat – and luckily for me – I like to live a life with no regrets…

Anyways my green tea is brewing & ‘Orange is the New Black* is calling so I best hop to it.

Much LOVE! xx x

* I dare you to watch one episode and not be hooked!

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    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. It is comments like these which inspire me to keep taking photos and posting nonsense about my life – so I am so so grateful that you enjoy visiting my blog as much as I love sharing it with you! Thank you again lovely, Jessica x x x

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