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Recently I mentioned in a blog post here that Tatiana and I spent our Friday evening mingling with blogger babe Cindy Chen from @mrpaddingtonbear and playing around with unconventional, miscellaneous items in order to create the perfect Florsheim flatlay (and hopefully score ourselves a pair of free shoeslet’s just say, we [quite literally] got off on the right foot).

As if the shoe gods had heard my prayers, (note: shoe gods and fashion gods are very different types of gods – not to be confused) my womanly right to shoes* had been enforced and I was blessed as the winner of their #myFlorsheim competition (I would just like to take a moment to thank my dog**, Mr. Florsheim – (does he even exist?), and also my iPhone 4***). Anyways I snapped up a pair of their Collie black lace-ups, I am so happy; I may never need another pair of shoes ever again (… don’t hold me to it though…). I have included a photo of our winning flatlays as well as a photo of my new shoes! 

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Much LOVE ciao x

* Carrie Bradshaw; Season 6, Episode 9 – yep told you a lot of my nonsense came from SATC.

** I do not own a dog.

*** This is far too relevant to my life – I need an iPhone 6 as soon as financially possible!

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