FRIYAY & Animal Print

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I have had an awfully busy afternoon – between catching up with the latest dramas on Made in Chelsea NYC, painting my fingernails fluorescent-peach (looks better than it sounds, I promise) and organising outfits for this weekends adventures it is safe to say I really do have my hands full (I know, I know, I am so punny*). Friday – more like FRIYAY – am I right people? Okay I am done, I promise.

Anyways, here is a quick little outfit post featuring the most exciting & colourful twist on animal print I have probably ever seen from my loves R&Lchuck some indy-street off Flinders Lane into the mix, and a couple of big chunky block letters and you have yourself some Melbourne-living-&-loving-inspiration.

I best run now (I don’t actually run – shopping is my cardio for anyone wondering), I hope everyone has a splendid Friday night & an even better weekend!

Much LOVE ciao x x

PS. I feel like I can’t talk about fluorescentpeach nails like they are a thing and not dedicate some kind of blog post to this – so expect one soon. 

* Portmanteau of ‘funny’ and ‘pun’

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