Spring in Bijou

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How to make the most out of the weekend –

Step 1: Quit your job – now the weekend starts on Friday!

Step 2: Convince yourself it is summer and only wear summery-outfits, if someone suggests to you that it is not yet ‘mid-drift’ season or that you are perhaps too old for a mid-drift; it is probably time you re-evaluate your friendship with that person…

Step 3: Spend all your non-existent money dining at least 3 different well-known Melbourne cafes and/or restaurants – this weekend I dined at Meatball and Wine BarSantoni Pizza & The Hardware Société

Step 4: Attend a social occasion/event/party (Anthea Darling, those cake-pops just made your 21st!)

Step 5: Drink too much over-priced red wine (and suffer an excruciating vino-induced migraine the next day… it’s all part of the experience right?)

Step 6: Document every single one of these events via your DSLR and experience zero shame whilst doing so

Step 7: Purchase a brilliant Kimono (or five) from Bijou the Label as they have every single colour, style and combination you could possibly imagine at a ridiculously reasonable price and a kimono a day keeps the doctor away… (Or something like that…?)

Step 8: Attain zero parking and/or speeding infringements whilst doing so… just for the record, this sentence has absolutely no relevance to my weekend or (lack there of) driving skills… (oops…)

Anyways… Here are a few photos from today’s city adventures featuring my new Bijou the Label KIMONO & my favourite café in Melbourne – The Hardware Société

ENJOY! Much LOVE … ciao x x

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23 thoughts on “Spring in Bijou

  1. Great post, and really great pics too especially the window shot. Usually when I see pics I scroll right by expecting Instagram “selfie” type stuff. So, it’s refreshing to see someone take their time and produce some real quality stuff. Good job!

    1. I know I love it as well! Such an interesting thing for the cafe to include. And thank you, we had an incredibly cold winter, so everyone in Melbourne is just holding off for some kind of warmth. Haha

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