Fluorescent Peach

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Remember that time here where I mentioned I would [quote myself] ‘dedicate some kind of blog post to my fluorescent-peach fingernails’ – well, tonight just so happens to be, that chosen night! Amid taking photos pre-Melbourne City adventures in my beautiful Bijou the Label kimono over the weekend, I may have convinced my favourite (and may I remind you – ONLY) adult- brother to snap a few photographs of said fluorescent-peach fingernails.

And what is an impromptu fluorescent-peach fingernails photo-shoot without a side of meatballs you may ask? The answer to that question is nothing… And so it was only necessary that I included a few photos from this weekend’s dining experience at the Meatball and Wine Bar* in Flinders Lane.

ENJOY & Happy Monday!
Much love, ciao x

PS. I have always had a burning desire to break into the hand-modelling industrythoughts?!

* Yes, this restaurant is as literal as the name makes it sound – who doesn’t love multiple meatballs in one sitting?


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