Mourning Vibes & Winter Woes

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It is not often that I find myself dressed head to toe in all black everything’. Although I recognise that wearing all black is practically the compulsory uniform of a Melbournian and anyone who doesn’t conform to this Scandinavian inspired theme should be deported to an exotic island where no clothes are required at all… but for some reason, I always find myself throwing in some kind of colour, even if it only be a matching lip to hair to coffee-cup situation (total coincidence… I swear…).

Nonetheless, I felt as though mourning-vibes were completely necessary due to this week’s ridiculous/atrocious/ totally unnecessary weather situation. Not even the strongest of tall skinny caramel lattes can cure these winter woes, but, hey, I’ll have one anyway.

Anyways, here are a couple of photos of said all black/ winter city day.

with LOVE ciao x x

PS. There are two sets of sunglasses in these photos because amid all that non-existent sun, I was ironically, having a very serious sunglass dilemma… only joking – table sunglasses & photo credit to my babe Tatiana

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  1. She waited some more. She had been waiting, but time slipped away variably. She did not know if it had been a long time or not.

    She looked at her coffee cup as if it were a prize as she thought of the last time he had come to her. She closed here eyes and caressed the edge of the cup; it reminded her of the blade.

    She looked up to see him walking towards her and smiled. She could see it in his face: “What is this all about?” He looked confused, eyeing her cautiously. But she knew he would keep walking towards her. They always did.

    She took off her glasses and set them on the table. She started to set her coffee down, paused for just long enough to make him nervous – It was better if they were nervous.

    Without looking at him, she said, “We have to talk.”

    • Thank you SO much! That is so so lovely of you to say!!!! <3 To be honest I wish I had more of a secret but I really don't… my natural hair is very very frizzy curly so I make sure I don't wash it too often (2-3 times a week max) so it doesn't dry out and then I get a trim regularly too. Also I try not to use too much hairspray either and instead opt for like beach spray or light weight products.. I hope that helped and thank you for stopping by!! 🙂 x x xxx

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