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You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile KIMONO
Remember here where I said you could expect a blog post featuring my [not really] new vintage-chic Balinese brown leather camera bag … well here it is! I talked about this rediscovered treasure in far more detail than I would like to admit last blog post, so I think it best I let the photos do the talking this evening. Not to mention, I am awfully tired from my very long stressful day of doing absolutely nothing (the life of a forever-procrastinating uni student). I will admit that I did leave the house temporarily to dine at Samurai in Glenferrie Road with my funniest of friends (and enjoy the yummiest of miso soups) followed by a long evening of watching rubbish reality TV-shows such as Big Brother – yep, I am one of those people. I will happily accept and even embrace all your judgment.

Anyways here are some photos featuring [said] camera bag, but far more importantly, my new “Pleasant Pear” Kimono from Bijou the Label. Other than being the Kimono of my dreams, it literally goes with every single item in my floor-drobe (just like a wardrobe except on the floor) & is great for Melbourne’s forever changing weather.

ENJOY! With LOVE – ciao x

PS: refer to my INSTAGRAM for regular updates and probably the best looking home-made breakfast-situation you’ve ever seen…

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  1. Love your whole ensemble. It’s simple, comfortable, kawaii & super chic. But in all honesty, it’s the photos themselves that capture me (me being an obsessed photographer). The lens flare, sun glow hair tied up to show the nape combined with a beautiful natural model such as yourself makes for compositional perfection. I’m loving the fashion trends that I’m seeing come out of Australia, as well as the new movements in music. It’s one of the many countries that I need to visit one day.

    Stay true,


  2. OMG I love your blog sooooooo much! All your pictures are perfect and I love the layout and color scheme of EVERYTHING!!!!!! Thank you so much for following me and my friends blog! We would appreciate it so much if you would comment on ours 🙂 Also I wanted to ask where did you buy that camera bag because I cannot get over how cute it is!!!!

    • Thank you SOOO much!!! 🙂 No problems at all, my pleasure. and Yes of course I can comment on your blog 🙂 And it was my mums from like 35 years ago, she got it in bali on her honeymoon! (so vintage!)

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