Temporary Sunshine Situation

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Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of posts this week; with pre-exam-period anxiety looming over me, it is becoming quite apparent that I have indeed a lot of catching-up to do, you know, just like – 10 weeks worth of theory & content...(oops) But who’s counting right? This therefore has meant minimal city adventures, dining experiences & shopping escapades – and my instagram page has unfortunately seen more ‘throw-back’ photos in the past week then it has in the last year but the [surprising] Melbourne sunshine gives me hope that warm summer nights, long walks on the beach and my summer-induced smoothie-addiction is in fact very near.

In the meantime, bedroom flat-lays and foody-feels will have to do…I was luckily able to temporarily break away from my (lack-of) studying last night and go and watch ‘Sebastian-Gresham’* do their thing over at Lucky Liquor in Windsornot before wining & dining with two of my beauties at Rococo on Glenferrie Road of course

Anyways, I hope everyone in Melbourne is enjoying this [likely temporary] sunshine today!

With LOVE ciao x

* They’re not a bad looking duo are they?

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10 thoughts on “Temporary Sunshine Situation

  1. Nice meal , beautiful sunshine .
    specially stunning day here in Sydney. Sounds great over there as well . But I don’t think gonna be temporary 😉 gorgeous days are coming Jessica .
    Oh studying . After a week break starts again . All the best and luck for your study.
    Thanks for visiting me Jessica.

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