Old School Chuck Taylors

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Yesterday’s daytime adventures included old-school Chuck Taylors, all berry smoothies, an exotic setting* and minimal football [apparently yesterday was the AFL Grand Final…] To avoid being extradited from the family home, here are my ‘sincerestcongratulations to Hawthorn for winning the Grand Final, but that is all I plan to say on that topic… Moving along, the girls decided to leave the boys inside to do their thing whilst we went outside, attempted to rid our skin of its pale winter/ghost-like glow & set up a little fruity picnic featuring more grass than picnic-blanket.

Dinner called for a trip to Ribs & Burgers on Glenferrie Rd to ‘celebrate the win’**. I was all about the restaurant’s interior and use of water-cans as sauce/cutlery/napkin holders; very Texas- chic if you will. [Personal Recommendation: Mexican Burger]

Anyways – summer is well and truly (almost) here so STAY TUNED for more summer adventures coming to a computer screen/mobile phone near you!

ENJOY – with LOVE ciao x

* If by ‘exotic’, I mean my friend’s backyard…

** I personally, was just there for the burgers… 

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  1. Old Fart here. I remember when a pair of “Chucks” cost US$9.99. That was back in the late 1960s. Then, you had two choices – white and black. I love how they have made a colorful comeback and are neat fashion statement. I have seen some young women, mix and match colors of “Chucks.” Have fun, all. BTG

    • WOW!! $9.99…. that is insane!! Now a pair of chucks cost up to AUD$90 depending upon if they are high top or low top. But yes the colours are very exciting and therefore they are totally worth it. hahah. thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Thank you so much! They are so comfy and cool – and literally go with everything! I am actually wearing a dress with a cropped t-shirt over the top to dress it down otherwise I felt like it looked too formal to go with chucks 🙂 x

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