Pre-Weekend Galaxy Inspiration

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The theme of this early morning blog-post is Nike galaxy-inspired sports bras [being far more important & necessary than real bras], strawbz*, my absolute favourite deep-purple/pink lipstick from Napoleon Perdis, Babe Walker’sPsychos”, and a few other bits and bops that are currently lying around my bedroom taking up space, but looking pretty nonetheless.

With full intentions to spend the rest of this day learning about the law (…with the total exception of the Bachelor finale tonight… #BringBackLaurina) it is absolutely paramount that all my favourite bedroom essentials are ready to learn with me. I wholeheartedly am under the impression that I learn far better when surrounded and dressed in beautiful things. And – yes that also includes beautiful office spaces (Parents if you care about my learning at all – then you would know that I really need my own office… preferably in a studio apartment in South Yarra)…

Anyways… apologies for the lack of outfit posts recently, you can expect a couple over the weekend and then a million and one over the summer post-exams…

Happy ALMOST-weekend everybody!
WITH LOVE – ciao x

* Also known as – strawberries… but I plan to make  ‘strawbz’ a thing over the summer – thoughts?

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  1. I’m with you on the work environment thing. I personally can’t be creative/productive if my surroundings aren’t projecting inspirational feng shui my way, plus it would ultimately play havoc on my OCD if things aren’t looking right/nice. Music plays a huge part for me as well, it’s my super catalyst.


    • I am exactly the same! and yes my OCD goes into overdrive when my working space is a mess – my brain simply cannot think clearly!!! Positive feng shui is indeed very important! 🙂

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