In Another Florist Life

In another life – I was totally a florist…
In somewhat of a continuation from my last blog post, it is becoming all too evident that I may have recently developed* a slightly outrageous infatuation with colourful blooms. Side note (which, mind you, holds zero relevance to flower obsession)…my next-door neighbour, in fact, the whole neighbourhood really, have the most brilliant selection of fresh flowers in every colour, shape and size you could ever imagine**…

Moving along… Today was all about chunky textbooks, homemade-wannabe latte art, back to basics in my all-red nail-do & totally spontaneous balcony photo-shoots featuring said colourful handpicked blooms and the best bro/live-in-photographer an older sis could ever ask for…ever.

Anyways – hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
WITH LOVE – ciao x

* Total lie – baby, I was born this way

** Note to self: ensure entire neighbourhood, [bar me] is without Internet and/or Instagram

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  1. Lovely arrangement of botanicals. Makes me miss my old nature aquarium hobby that’s currently on hiatus, can’t wait to get back to the states to start it back up. Also it makes me sad sometimes when I see people use fake plants, as well as (sometimes nauseating) inorganic air fresheners. Nothing beats being surrounded by cute little herb gardens and fresh cut flowers.

    In its most broadest terms…

    “Beauty in health, health in beauty. -MNV”


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