Missing Blogger in Action

Firstly, I would like to apologise for being a tad M.B.I.A (Missing. Blogger. In. Action) recently, besides coining new expressions and drinking far too many caffeinated beverages per hour, I unfortunately have four ridiculously challenging exams looming over me, attempting (but not succeeding!) to ruin every single one of my days this week. Exams – do your worst… I am ready for you (total lie).

Anyways, in true layering-my-way-through-life style (if this doesn’t make sense – look here), today I threw on a denim skirt and Robb & Lulu white lacy-crop, only to be convinced that a cream vintage dress was exactly what should go on top of it – yep, I know – I am so ridiculously logical (and undeniably sarcastic). The monochrome-perfection clutch was a present from my best friend Katarina – we have matching ones because we are just funky like that.

Anyhow… I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday evening!
With love – ciao x

 PS: Recently a new café opened up near my house called ‘a Blessing in Disguiseif you want to see one of the coolest coffee cups ever check it out on my instagram HERE!

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    • Thank you I am so glad you like it! Yes exactly! And I also am not a huge fan of crop top’s unless it is the middle of summer and I am going to the beach! So rather than letting it sit in my cupboard collecting dust I like to find new ways to wear it 🙂 <3 Thanks for stopping by! x

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