Brunch Upon A Time

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Starting the day has never tasted so good…
This morning my procrastinating abilities reached an all time highI wasted what’s probably considered to be the better half of the day making this deliciously healthy mix-mash of fruity-crunchy goodness.

Banana, mango, strawbz, blueberries (perhaps bluebz?), vanilla chunky granola, goji berries, chia seeds, self-crushed almonds and a conveniently placed green leaf from our lemon tree (more like a plant really…) all mixed up together to make what some may consider (… and by some I really do just mean myself) the most photogenic meal that’s ever come out of my kitchen. Jamie Olivereat your heart out…Literally.

Any-who, it is awfully late and one of my eyes has indeed already closed itself for the night, so I best be off! I hope everybody is having a delightful week

With LOVE, toodles x

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21 thoughts on “Brunch Upon A Time

  1. Ugh, just finished one of my final exams and just got back to mi casa. It’s still breakfast time and seeing this is making me so hungry. The colors are so delicious, I want it now!

      1. Thank you, I finished them all not too long ago, and passed them all. Ah… time to relax. I have confidence you’ll do well on yours. Ganbatte! がんばって!

  2. Omg I want to eat all of this off the screen! How do you take or edit them so beautifully? Love they are so vivid and mouthwatering 🙂


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