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This Saturday afternoon blog post features a few pretty pastel pink necessities, a candle intended to CALM me down (candle – you had one job – and you are failing miserably), cake pops, pink pens, brunch situations (Cru Café – Kew) and my favourite chocolate (Mr. Ritter-Sport… if you are reading this… I love you).

The whole Ritter Sport obsession began a few months ago whilst Katarina, Sani and I were travelling around Europe during the winter. Whilst in Copenhagen, the costs to eat out (especially dessert!) were so high, so chocolate quickly became a cheap alternative. When we weren’t attempting (and indeed failing miserably) to ice-skate, getting run over by vintage-inspired bicycles, purchasing half of Zara or exploring the meat packing district, we were in our cozy little hotel room sitting on top of the heater in a window, laughing over the cheapest bottle of wine we could find and without question, eating Ritter Sport chocolate.

I hope everyone is eating far too much chocolate and forming wonderful memories of their own this weekend!

With Love; toodles x

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    • THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂 That was such a beautiful message!!! 😀 I am 100% sure I will definitely come back at some point in time, copenhagen is by far one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen!!! So you are so lucky you live there! Thank you for the offer, I wil be sure to ask you! 🙂 hehe

      And WOW! thank you so so much! I will go chekc it out now! xxxxxxxxx

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