Yoga Sequences via Banana Bread

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This afternoon’s blog post is all about pink and white fresh blooms, mum’s delicious homemade banana bread & the adventures of Treasury Gardens (Fitzroy).

In an (ever so slight) attempt to increase my chances of obtaining the perfect summer-bikini-bod, I have [temporarily] curbed my sweet tooth, and substituted the usual suspects for a somewhat healthier banana & walnut bread*. Amid all this healthy living, I spent most of Friday at this beautiful park soaking up the sunshine, admiring duck-families, drinking coconut water, & playing around with some yoga sequences via the grass. I wasn’t really all that good at the yoga… or the coconut-water-drinking for that matter, but I had fun.
Anyways… I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

ENJOY with LOVE ciao x

* Thanks Ma, you’re the best – how I long to be even slightly equipped with the domestic goddess skills necessary to pull off a banana-situation such as this…#teachme

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  1. I love staying fit, but I’m still trying to find the perfect meal plan. Curse-ed metabolism and ageing.

    You always post the yummiest foods. I love banana-ana-nut bread.

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