Do You Even Brunch?

Eating out for brunch on the weekend in Melbourne is not a choice, it is a ritual, a lifestyle adjustment… it is a culturally imbedded necessity that defines you as the Melbournian that you truly are. Brunch is more than being ‘seen’ amongst the other cultural hipster who frequent cafes, it is a time where mobile phones are put on silent, and used strictly to take photos of food, where families come together and confabulate over their morning brew, and where people nonchalantly wait in line for 40 minutes for scrambled eggs on toast. In life the best things are certainty not free, in fact, I think you’ll find that the ‘best things in life’ will cost you approximately $19.50 and will come with a side of bacon.

Anyways – if that somewhat ridiculous, but totally necessary rant has not convinced you to grab your nearest friend/pet/newspaper/plant (?) and head over to Saturday morning brunch… then perhaps these photographs will…

I hope you all had an absolutely splendid weekend and this working week is short and just as sweet as the donut below!

ENJOY with LOVE ciao x

PS. To anyone who read my last blog post (here) that suggested the beginning of a somewhat healthier lifestyle…I tried. I failed. Sue me.

PPS. Can’t believe I almost went an entire blog post without mentioning which kitchen this deliciously photogenic meal came from… Hammer & Tong in Fitzroy (my pleasure)

Jess_Alizzi brunch 3Jess_Alizzi brunch 6Jess_Alizzi brunch 1JessAlizzi Brunch 5jessica_Alizzi orange juiceJess_Alizzi donut





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