A Mallow Moment

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Amid Melbourne’s constantly fluctuating weather conditions, I was able to find solace in a [marsh] mallow moment, via a hot-strawberry, a pretty floral arrangement featuring my newest pretty playsuit* and a pleasant stroll through the Fitzroy Gardens.

Besides somewhat attempting to embrace the changing climate through my outfits (I am all about an intentional turtleneck-raincoat situation), I also took the opportunity to play around/create my first ‘hot-strawberry’** (milk was not a bad choice). And with tumblr/pinterest inspiration on my side, I created a few mallow moments using my newest funky mug from Little Miss Grace Designs.

Anyways, you stay classy San Diego lovely people, happy HUMP day!

ENJOY! With love – Toodles x

PS. To anyone who recognised the [not so] subtle references to Anchorman in this post, you have my respect. And in case you were wondering, yes, yes my apartment does smell of rich mahogany…

* Outfit post coming soon!

** Disclaimer: no real strawberries were used in the making of this beverage

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  1. Love’n the aqua/turquoise nails, my favorite color shade region. Little miss grace has some pretty boss design concepts, I like it. Can’t wait to see the outfit post, the floral design is très cute. Also I noticed you sporting a Nikon with a 35 1.8 no less in your instagram. I also shoot Nikon, so naturally I approve.

    Now… I have a craving for lucky charms cereal…


    • Oh I am so glad you like it!! Yes she really does. I saw that you liked the outfit post, so hope you enjoyed that as well 🙂 Yes Nikon is indeed where it is at! In fact, I don’t plan to ever shoot with anything else. haha

      ps sorry for the tardy response! Not very good by me. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

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