Sunshine Floral Romper

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Today’s blog post features my newest V Front Floral Romper by Lookbook Store. Although recently somewhat deprived from #OOTD photographs, I feel like this post definitely makes up for it. As someone who considers their ‘great love to be indeed, fresh flowers, it is no surprise that I fell deeply in love with this jumpsuit. I guess it was love at first sight really. Between the bright floral flowers, the wrapped V-neck and the fact that it almost looks skirt-like, even though it has the comfortability of shorts – my new little romper and I are a match made in fashion heaven!

I was luckily able to bribe my photographer (actually just Tatiana) with coffee, salted caramel cookies & sunshine (they just so happen to be her great loves) so she was more than happy to spend the afternoon shamelessly prancing around a park blissfully unaware that time was flying by and her essays were indeed not writing themselves (oops, sorry babe!)

Anyways, happy almost weekend everybody!

MUCH LOVE – Ciao x 

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