There’s a Parfait in my Bed

jess_alizzi parfait 4

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Today’s quick little blog post is all about my pretty little breakfast situation that occurred a few days ago (if you follow me on instagram you may have already seen a couple of these photos; in which case… sorry not sorry). There is something so romantic and relaxing about eating breakfast in bed, especially when that breakfast consists of fruity-parfait-goodness and comes with a side of strategically placed, inedible greenery [but who’s judging right?]

Happy [Sun]day (minus the Melbourne SUN)

Much LOVE Toodles x

PS. Stay tuned for a dreamy peach-toned playsuit outfit post coming soon!

PPS. Look HERE for some late-morning/just woke up/where-is-my-coffee vibes

jess_alizzi parfait 5jess_alizzi parfait in bedjess_alizzi parfait 2


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