A Bloggable Romper

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Today’s early morning blog post features the Bow Cutout Back Romper (Baby Pink)’ by Lookbook Store. En route to a café in the area, I convinced my adult-brother/live-in-photographer to take a few happy snaps of my newest and prettiest summer Romper. He, with much hesitation and reluctance, obliged… (For Christmas, I am totally asking Santa for my own tripod… or perhaps a sister). Although not actually evident in these photographs, I paired my playsuit with high-top navy Chuck Taylors (also seen here), a fine, vintage necklace and some lavender, because, nature. 

Anyways I best be off, coffee dates to attend to, sunshine to tan in, episodes of Made in Chelsea to watch, beautiful friend, also known as Katarina to visit and more #bloggable* content to create.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day,
With Love – Toodles x x

* “#BLOGGABLE” = made up term by my craziest/ funniest friends Teejay and Bridget when describing an insta-worthy/unique photograph. (Used in a sentence: ‘Babe, that photo is totally bloggable’).

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      1. You’re welcome! And I totally get that bit where your brother was hesitant to take your photos. My younger brother was also the one time i asked him to. He kept smirking. 😂

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