Summer in Black


jess_alizzi stretch out slurpeeTonight’s quick little blog post features the adventures of what was indeed an absolutely wonderful day.

Wearing all black (with full intentions to somewhat attract the sun) featuring my latest Robb & Lulu skirt, I spent the day conquering the world… well at least most of the cafes in the area anyway. There were melted ice-cream moments, free frozen Slurpee’s, fresh fruit situations, middle-eastern deliciousness and champagne celebrations…As I chased the Melbourne sun, I was innocently blessed with a tiny bit more colour than initially planned (yes…I am a lobster) but embracing it nonetheless, and so left to wait patiently until my somewhat reddish-glow turns into a golden-sun-kissed-bronzeIt’s only a matter of time really.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday!
Much LOVE – Ciao x

PS. Any slight [but totally necessary] changes to my blog can be credited to my friend John Cichello (also known as IT Guru). He gave my site a bit a makeover, and frankly, I couldn’t be happier. If you too feel your blog needs a face-lift, contact him at: (in advance, my pleasure)

jess_alizzi look upjess_alizzi fruit 3Jess_alizzi drinking slurpeeJess_alizzi fruit 1jess_alizzi walking slurpee

jess_alizzi fruit 7jess_alizzi skirt clear


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