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jess_alizzi coffee cup

Deleting photos is like throwing out old clothes; painful and unnecessary*

As someone who quite literally lives for taking photographs of, well, anything & everything really, I find at the end of each week I am left with quite an impressive/alarming assortment of pictures which don’t quite seem to fit anywhere in particular. As the memory space on my laptop decreases, whilst my love of photography increases, I struggle to find a way to successfully integrate so many [often random] images into my various digital mediums. I came up with an idea that at the end of each week… or whenever necessary really, I would dedicate a blog post to all the lost images that didn’t have a place in previous posts (I know… absolute genius!)

So here is my first blog post of this sort… There is a mixture of everything really, from middle-eastern meals, to Mr. Burger van treats. There are lost and then found coins from our trip around Europe and funky little take-away coffee cups from down the road. On closer inspection, it’s likely you may also spot a random sparkly-golden nail-do, as well as an innocent bottle of Bacardi (when in Rome Melbourne, right?) 

Anyways – let me know what you guys think of this idea!
With Love – CIAO x

* Likely that a section of this expression may have come from Carrie Bradshaw’s opinion of Botox in the first SATC Movie (sorry, SO not even slightly, sorry).

jess_alizzi close up sizing

jess_Alizzi coffee cup made smallerjess_alizzi flowersjess_alizzi bayte 3jess_alizzi carousaljess_alizzi dips bayteJess_alizzi basicjess_alizzi plantsjess_alizzi bayte 2Jess_Alizzi burgerJess_Alizzi jimmy g 1jess_alizzi cactusJess_Alizzi JIMMY GRANTS


  1. wow.. these are some beautiful photos 🙂 i love posts like this. assortment of this and that! and couldn’t agree more on how it feels to delete photos as the space fills up.. so painful :|hahaha

  2. Brilliant idea!! And I have the same problem. My laptop actually started to put up a fight with me at some point so I had to buy an external hard drive to keep my laptop happy (and functioning). Lovely photos! 😀

  3. I absolutely love the idea, but then again I’m a bit biased being a photographer myself. To me a photo is a snap shot of time frozen, containing the essence of memories, emotions and the fragility of life. With photography we can capture scenes under a different perspective, providing different outlooks of thought. I have always felt that photos were meant to be shared and seen, not forgotten and lost.

    So that no one takes my message the wrong way, in general, shooting should almost be a thoughtless process (other than studio work). No over analyzing, no obscene traditionalist/elitist ideals. Just plain and simple, you see something that piques your interest and you shoot. You can also tell a lot about a person from their captures. I love your item collages and the ultra chic swing ride.

    One last note, I don’t know about anyone else but, photos are beyond just visuals for me. I can feel the textures, smell the aromas and hear the sounds emanating from the scenes.

    Stay beautiful and keep on snapping.


    • Thank you for your wonderful comment Michael. I honestly could not agree with you more. I love just snapping away over an entire day at anything and everything that makes me feel happy and then later just sifting through whatever stands out the most for me… there is absolutely zero method to my madness and I think it is better that way. Hope you are having a wonderful day 🙂 😀

    • Thank you! 🙂 very much appreciate the beautiful comments. And yes, I think that will be at the top of my wishlist this year for xmas. haha. External hard drive is most definitely needed in my life! 🙂 xx

  4. This is a nice idea, I love your eye, it captures images I would never see. In this series I especially like the rusty planing boxes, there’s something pleasing and restful in the composition and the coulours are lovely. I don’t have your problem, which may be a bed thing. Before I ever take a shot I have the idea mapped out in my mind’s eye ~ that means if I take a couple of dozen pictures a week it’s a lot. I agree with childoftheuniverse216, buy an external hard drive. Kudos

    • Thank you so much, very very lovely thing to say. I wish that I was more thoughtful with my photo taking, I usually take a million photos of primarily, the exact same thing, and then have a fear of deleting any… I think you are very right… an external hard drive is indeed at the top of my list of things to buy! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. Love your eye for randomness, because it’s not actually random. It’s what is significant to you at the time. Definitely keep these “other” photos in some way, like these posts. Like.

  6. I really dig this AND would love to know a little bit more about the images, like what the dishes are or the venue and maybe if there was something significant…lovely idea! 🙂 Being a photographer too (My blog share: http://thetallblondestrawberry.wordpress.com/) I am in love with capturing but I also have the fondness, like you, to take pics of everything in between! It is quite refreshing capturing moments of all sorts! I look forward to seeing what else you post 🙂

  7. Such a cute post!!
    I went to art school a few years back to attempt a BFA in Documentary Photography. I lasted only a year; it was expensive and being trapped in a darkroom or behind a computer for hours a day on top of having a 2 hour (roundtrip) commute got to be beyond exhausting. Especially as I was working 30 hours a week, as well. In this last year, I finally took the CF card out of my dSLR and started going through the 1800 photos on it. I’m still in the process of deleting the excess photos and transferring the keepers to memory sticks.
    I hate deleting photos! But, part of my training had me take the same photo at least 10 times, adjusting the settings each time, to ensure getting the right shot. It’s the candids that I love looking at! And, it is the candids I don’t have the heart to delete, even if they aren’t that great. They are moments in time I was compelled to capture and want to remember forever!

    • Thank you, I will definitely keep my photos for reasons such as these posts. I completely agree, deleting photos almost hurts my heart haha I just cannot do it, I feel like every single photo has some kind of significance/ memory and therefore must be kept no matter what!
      thank you for sharing your experiences with me, look forward to hearing from you again soon 🙂

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