Total Mix Match

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After receiving an amazingly positive response from my blog post last week of lost images that didn’t quite have a place in previous posts, I decided to totally make this a weekly Sunday-night thing. I spent majority of this week frequenting hipster-hangouts (AKA some of the best cafes in Melbourne) with my nearest and dearest babes, job-hunting for a Christmas-casual position (brunch is expensive), trying (and failing) to keep up with the ever-changing weather climate, watching my boys Sebastian-Gresham busk at Batman Markets in Coburg and working on my soon-to-be bronzed complexion.

This week’s mix-match of photographs include images from Olivia’s 21st Surprise Birthday Brunch (yes, we all yelled surprise when Liv walked into ‘Between Us Café’ and yes, onlookers did not look impressed), a flat-lay featuring my newest and now, favourite bralette from Robb & Lulu (perfect for my ladies on the flatter side of life), Savannah sunglasses from SelectSpecs with a side of fruity-crunchy goodness, and a pretty-little-vintage-lace dress which had no place in the cold CBD on Friday, but hey, I totally wore it anyway coz I’m just rebellious like that…

What did you guys get up to this week? Let me know below!

with LOVE – ciao x

JES_ALIZZI Bra letteJess_Alizzi lace detailsJess_alizzi snow ponyJESS_ALIZZI bestJess_ALIZZI sebgresh photographyJess_alizzi flowersjess_alizzi main picJess_alizzi handsJESS_ALIZZI BRUNCH DANIELEJESS_ALIZZI TEAJESS_ALIZZI further away croppedJess_Alizzi MuffinJESS_ALIZZI ALL food & glasses


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