Shake It Off

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After what felt like much longer than 9 to 5 in the office today, the perfect cure for getting rid of unwanted office-vibes was to ‘shake it off’ [thank you Taylor, your song has legitimately been stuck in my head the entire weekend] in my newest Robb & Lulu Bralette and Red-Frame SelectSpecs Sunglasses.

As ridiculously average as my day was, from missing the bus by half a second, to accidently purchasing a rice-paper-roll filled with CORIANDER (my most HATED herb/spice), I thankfully found solace in this little summer outfit… oh and also my brother’s homemade chocolate cupcakes (but that’s a whole different story)…You may find that I was attempting to channel some vintage-chic vibes whilst somewhat embracing my almost natural curly-do with left over make-up from the day, however I can only really thank the soon-to-set sun for these photographs, as it is making me appear far more bronzed than I truly am.

Anyways, I must be off, totally exhausted
ENJOYciao x

jess_alizzi  hat and glassesjess_alizzi  curly hairjess_alizzi  happyjess_alizzi  pink finishjess_alizzi  close up hat and glassesjess_alizzi  edit look away




  1. Nice photos, however you might consider a bit of a fill-in flash (not too harsh) so we can see your beautiful face. Thanks for following Photomania/Eyecandy. It’s a new site and every follower is a blessing. 🙂

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