Market Squared

JESS_ALIZZI noodle marketOne of my absolute FAVOURITE things to do during the summer months in Melbourne is to visit the night markets. Between the culture, atmosphere, live music, interesting foods and babe-ing company, it is no surprise that my DSLR and I kind of never want to leave…

If you follow my instagram you may already know that this week I attended both the Queen Victoria Night Market and the Night Noodle Marketquite frankly there is no such thing as too many night markets per week, in fact ‘the limit does not exist’*. In case you too want to attend one or perhaps both (I recommend both) of the markets, I suggest you refrain from eating for a few hours/days before going to ensure maximum eating opportunities, because you will want to try everything and anything.

ANYWAYSI hope you all enjoy the bright, crazy colour + delicious food moments your eyes are about to be exposed to!

Happy Sunday! WITH LOVE – ciao x

* Mean Girls: Thank you for providing me with a decade quotable moments…

Queen Victoria Night Market (Wednesday Night only) 

JESS_ALIZZI vic night marketJESS_ALIZZI lightsJESS_ALIZZI drink on wallJESS_ALIZZI melbourne signJESS_ALIZZI vic night marketJESS_ALIZZI crepes

Night Noodle Market (everyday until 30 Nov) 

JESS_ALIZZI wonderbaoJESS_ALIZZI umbrellaJESS_ALIZZi set upJESS_ALIZZI food on meJESS_ALIZZI red laterns


  1. Love these photos—it sounds strange, but there’s something subliminal about colors that’s invigorating, makes you feel more alive… and hungry!

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