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First things first, my sincerest apologies for lack of posts this week, I’ve spent the week thus far running [briskly walking] around town without a minute to breath, let alone blog! But I AM BACK and have prepared somewhat of a photo-diary from yesterdays adventures.

Tatiana and I were so excited to be heading into the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, we barely had time to stop for our morning coffee and French baguette (key word here is barely…), having demolished my daily fruity-creation early on, my mind was completely clear from distractions and ready to experience the exhibition in all its glory. The exhibition was nothing like either of us had ever seen before. With Gaultier himself somewhat following you around his exhibition via pre-recorded voice-overs and lifelike holograms, his witty French humour and passion for extremist fashion was evident from the beginning. Having been known for his provocative manipulation of fashion and style, it was no surprise that sexuality and seduction were common themes. With red-light-district inspired exhibition rooms, and more garments worn on Madonna than you can count on your fingers (and toes), I highly recommend anyone who loves fashion/France/history or just a good old day out, to get to this exhibition as soon as logistically possible.  

ANYWAYS – Here are 13 of the 358 photographs I took yesterday… enjoy! 

WITH LOVE – au revoir x

JESS_ALIZZI bankjess_alizzi fruitJESS_ALIZZI gallery 1JESS_ALIZZI gallery the odysseyJESS_ALIZZI gallery paintingJESS_ALIZZI gallery beadingJESS_ALIZZI gallery bagJESS_ALIZZI gallery allJESS_ALIZZI gallery chestJESS_ALIZZI gallery skin deepJESS_ALIZZI gallery feathersJESS_ALIZZI gallery 2



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