Pants Off Friday

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Good Evening Everybody! #TGIF am I right people? Totally kidding, I am on university holidays so – everyday is a FRIDAY!

In true Hamish & Andy ‘Pants off Friday’ vibes, I accidently forgot to include pants in today’s outfit… well more so, I was just somewhat conveniently oblivious to the length of this dress/probably-just-a-top, but the sun was out and so were my legs (for purposes none other than to tan…). I (actually Jacob: adult brother/live-in-photographer) snapped these quick pics a couple of hours before Katarina and I sweat up a storm (and quite frankly almost passed out) from our 9km hike to our favourite café in the area…all in the name of coffee… and sweets and the best sparkling water ever. It really was, totally worth it.

Morning’s are not really morning’s in my household if they don’t begin with a fruity-often-fashiony-always-yummy flat-lay creation sprawled out somewhere in the kitchen and/or bedroom…or wherever the light takes me really, so today was no exception. This morning’s creation featured my pretty little vanilla Bralette from Robb & Lulu (also seen here) as well as the shoes I won from the #MyFlorsheim flat-lay competition a couple of months ago.

Any-who … I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, ‘filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone eats and is happy’*

Much Love – Ciao x

* Not a quote from Mean Girls
** Disclaimer: the above sentence is most likely a lie

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