Loco For Coco…(Nut)


In somewhat of a continuation from my coco-crazy/recycle-that-fashion blog post featured a couple of weeks ago here – since then, I have quite literally gone absolutely loco for all things coco…(nut).

I am not really sure where this obsession sprung from, but either way… It doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere anytime soon… I am probably like one coco-vodka beverage off turning into an actual coconut and I couldn’t even care less. In fact I am embracing it, wholeheartedly. I’ve even transitioned into an all-white palette via my fashion to just reiterate my love for this magical fruit*.

ANYWAYS moving onto more important things… like my funky little ‘white trash party get-up. The lace white dress falls into my really-old/totally-overpriced category; I bought it almost a decade ago to wear to the races and since then have found zero use for it (it has funny sleeves…) UNTIL TODAY! Turns out funny sleeves can be covered up perfectly with brand new, crisp white, totally NOT bought-from-the-men’s-section shirts. Add some socks from Japan (souvenir from my love, Katarina), favourite necklace (mum’s closet – best of the 80s), and a few other bits and bops, and boy are you set or what?

ENJOY – much love – CIAO x

* Bit of a WHITE lie (get it… because coconut is white… what?! #INEEDHELP)

jess_alizzi holding the bowljess_alizzi feet inJESS_ALIZZI entire outfitJESS_ALIZZI coconut 2jess_alizzi coco vodkaJESS_ALIZZI all 2jess_alizzi coconut 3jess_alizzi everything shade




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