Bright Purple Flowers Part II

JESS_ALIZZI purple 1

Today’s virtual photo-diary is totally inspired by my not-so-recent obsession with bright purple flowers.

Having gone for a walk in the area yesterday morning and having run into what appeared to be all the bright purple flowers in the entire world, located quite literally outside my house, I decided that this was probably some kind of very powerful, very serious, sign…Yep, A sign that I should probably dedicate an entire blog post to these magical little summery blooms. Plus purple has been my favourite colour for as long as I can remember, so I feel like that means something too… Anyways in keeping this post short but not-too-sweet [summer body diet], I best be off!

GOOD NIGHT everyone – ciao x

PS: I have a few exciting projects coming up in the next few weeks, particularly my second collaboration with Nespresso Coffee which I am super excited about so stay tuned beautiful people!

JESSALIZZI food 2JESS_ALIZZI melb lane waysflowersjess_alizzi outfitJESS_ALIZZI food 1


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