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JESS_ALIZZI earringAs someone who dresses entirely based on their ‘mood of the day’, it is no surprise that some days I leave my house looking more girly, more tomboy and on the occasion (usually encouraged by the sun) more hippy/gypsy; today it was the latter. Having recently fallen back in love with these super old, ripped up black denim jeans, I’ve kind of just been wearing them anywhere and everywhere… even when the occasion didn’t exactly call for them (there are no rules in fashion… am I right people?!). The bohemian-inspired dress/top-situation was from my mum’s wardrobe, I decided she would never wear it again and so it became mine. And well the feather was just a little extra something to further embrace this hippy-gypsy-bird(?)-like vibe.

ANYWAYS I hope everyone is having an absolutely wonderful day frolicking in the sunshine (if you are in Melbourne that is) and everyone has a lovely weekend

With LOVE – ciao x

JESS_ALIZZI whole outfitclose up ripsJESS_ALIZZI outfit 2JESS_ALIZZI earring 2JESS_ALIZZI top


    • Thanks Anne! 🙂 Unfortunately I got them on sale at this warehouse about 8 years ago… so I doubt you’ll be able to get them now, but the brand of them is ‘Gripp Denim’ (not even sure if this brand still exists… haha) 🙂 x

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