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First things first, my sincerest apologies for my lack of posts this week… between Christmas shopping (mainly for myself…half kidding), to working in the office (9 -5 really ain’t my thang) and then there was that whole weekend dedicated entirely to rushing between multiple twenty-first celebrations on the same night… all with completely different themes, and all thrown by my nearest and dearest babes. Yep, life is good. But ANYWAYS I am back. And here is what you have missed…

  1. Flowers, in all shapes, colours and sizes, some dead, some alive, and some still attached to the ground… I’m not about favoritism
  2. SO MUCH COFFEEAll day errrryydayyAND I have a new favourite in the CBD: Patricia Coffee Brewers – may or may not have something to do with their sweet treats on offer & free sparkling water situation, plus the entrance into the café is pretty sweet too
  3. Fruit-Bowls featuring unlimited amount of POMEGRANATE seeds (totally a superfoodin case you were wondering). I’ve been whipping up these little morning bowls on the daily – I just CANNOT get enough… especially when they come with a side of Jean Paul Gaultier – because, fashion
  4. NEWEST phone cover from Sticks ‘n’ Selfies… It is THAT funky, how could I not?

ANYWAYS I hope everyone had an absolutely brilliant week!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

BED flowerjess_alizzi coffe + cookieJESSICA_ALIZZI feather earringJESSICA_ALIZZI coffe on lapoutsideJESSICA_ALIZZI chanel & fruit 1JESSICA_ALIZZI white flowersDSC_1106_FotorcoffeeJESSICA_ALIZZI sticks & selfiescoffee 2JESSICA_ALIZZI chanel & fruit (IG)

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