A Humble Little Bundle

JESSICA_ALIZZI entire outfit

GOOD AFTERNOON/EVENING everyone! Today’s pre-Christmas celebrations included a morning delivery from the freshest flower company in Melbourne – HUMBLE BUNDLE MELBOURNE (I don’t really plan to buy flowers from anyone else BUT them, ever again – simply AMAZING!!), followed by an afternoon of running errands and relaxing in preparation for Santa’s arrival. Today’s (somewhat?) seasonally confused outfit featured vintage black-[personally]-ripped-denim (also featured here) as well as an oversized white vest found floating around in my mum’s never-ending closet (aka…my closet).

ANYWAYS I best be off, turkeys to cook (not really, totally unaware where the kitchen even is/ how one would even cook a turkey…), Christmas vibes to create, and food-babies to prepare for… MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! I hope you all have a happy, safe and memorable celebration!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

JESSICA_ALIZZI flowers close up 2JESSICA_ALIZZI walking close upJESSICA_ALIZZI humble + coffeeJESSICA_ALIZZI outfit hand upJESSICA_ALIZZI BLOG flowersJESSICA_ALIZZI close up flowersJESSICA_ALIZZI vest onthesideHUMBLE BUNDLE flowersJESSALIZZI flower on furJESSICA_ALIZZI outfit hand on hatJESSALIZZI humbleJESSICA_ALIZZI VEST  close upJESSICA_ALIZZI BLOG 2


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