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Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day. Although the weather was confused, my luck definitely wasn’t. Between stumbling across the cutest, yummiest, most AMAZING cupcakes in Melbourne at a café called Little Cupcakes, where I was greeted not only with my favourite red-velvet-cheese-cake-icing-situation, but also delicious coffee from 5 Senses, I didn’t really think my day could get any better (…particularly seeing as I was en route to a somewhat lackluster day in the office…). 

BUT – On my lunch break I found the perfect pink V-line cotton-knit, a seasonally PERFECT beige wallet AND I didn’t get rained on! (Well not too much anyway…) Plus, did I mention they were both on sale? Half Price in fact. Told you. Great Day.

ANYWAYS I am running late to Brunch with a babe at Las Chicas in Balaclava, so I best be off!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

PS: Recommendation: If you are ever in the CBD get yourself a mini-cupcake & coffee combo for $5.20– it will change your morning, and quite possibly your life. The friendly, helpful staff don’t hurt either. 

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    • Hi Rosie!!

      They have one store in Degraves St and one near the corner of Queen & Bourke (that is the one I went to!) Sorry for the delay!! happy cupcake-ing! xxxx ps if you click the link on the name of Little Cupcakes in the blog post you can check out their website xx

  1. Red velvet is my favourite flavour at Little Cupcakes too!
    I always have this dilemma between wanting to buy the mini cupcakes because they’re cute… but also wanting to buy the regular ones because there’s more of it too eat 😛

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